Motivation Questionnaire:
Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values

What if you could pinpoint just what it takes to make you feel good about your job? Your relationships? Your everyday life? Imagine how much better your choices might be.

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Here are some results others have had by using this tool:

"Being able to see what really motivates me has made my life easier. I no longer waste time and energy putting myself in situations that lead me to procrastinate and feel overwhelmed. What a relief." S.B., Michigan

"Knowing more about who I am has helped me with all of my relationships - both personal and professional. Especially now that I'm making so many changes in my life, having this information is making the decision process so much more clear. No one should leave home without it!!" B.N., San Francisco

"This assessment has given me clarity about what makes me feel satisified and what makes me feel uncomfortable. Even more, it has helped me understand how I'm different from others and what I need to do to relate to them better. I recommend this assessment to anyone who is striving to make positive, healthy changes in their life." D.O., Los Angeles

Personal values are those interests, goals and preferences which guide our lives and careers. This instrument is designed to help you determine which particular area of preference is most important to you.

Please read the directions below completely.


There are 12 categories for response, each with 6 items for you to consider. This is not a timed response, but please take only the time you need to complete the form.

Mark your personal preference in each of the 12 areas listed. Rank each of the 6 statements by indicating your choices as follows: your first choice is 1, your second choice is 2, etc. For the 12 groups, each number (1-6) must be used only once and every box must have a number in it.


My personal interests are:

 Joining a group with traditions
 Appreciation of the beauty of nature
 Financial security
 Service to others


Male   Female
1. My favorite subjects to study:
 Political Science
 Fine Arts
 Financial Planning
 Social Studies
2. My personal interests are:
 Joining a group with traditions
 Appreciation of the beauty of nature
 Financial security
 Service to others
3. Leisure activities that I enjoy:
 Volunteer work
 Studying new things
 Investing/spending money
 Going to museums
 Thinking about life
4. Personal motivators for me are:
 Being a leader
 Continuing education
 Being a good citizen
 Helping others
 Increasing my net worth
5. My career goals:
 Business owner
 Social reformer
6. My desire for improvement may include:
 Spiritual growth
 Helping others
 Leadership roles
 Security for retirement
 Additional education
 Beautification of personal surroundings
7. If I were given $500,000 I would:
 Purchase an art collection
 Start my own business
 Give some to charity
 Save some/invest some
 Take courses to gain knowledge
 Give to a group that supports my beliefs
8. I think our tax money should be spent on:
 Help for the homeless
 Funding of the Arts
 Reducing the federal deficit
 Drug control
9. People I admire as role models:
 Military leaders
 Spiritual leaders
10. The way I would like to contribute to society:
 Helping the sick and disadvantaged
 Being a business person
 Being a team player
 Protecting the environment
 Being an inventor
 Initiator of community activities
11. My personal goals:
 Elected official
 Economic freedom
 Discovering new technology
 Artistic expression
 Personal growth
12. My outside interests:
 Community projects
 Part-time business
 Spiritual activities